Ultimate Fast Food Discount Card

Ultimate Fast Food Discount Card

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You are one step closer to discounts FOREVER!!!
This card has NO EXPIRATION DATE and will save you hundreds of dollars, or more at participating fast food restaurants! Start saving money immediately!!! There are 26 well known Nationwide restaurants on this card and most are offering free food! Many “Buy one, get one free” offers!!! Discounted and free food-how can you beat that? 26 major fast food chains/restaurants are participating!!! Just to name a few-Mickey D’s, BK, Pizza Hut and 23 more!!!

Save on donuts, pizza, burgers, subs, smoothies, dinners, lunches, snacks, beverages, soda, heros, coffee, shakes, & more!!! Not a coupon, but a high quality 30 mil (same quality as credit card) durable plastic card that you can use over and over again! No more worrying about cutting coupons and bringing them in! All specials are listed on the back of the card. Use this anytime, anywhere at participating restaurants-no blackout dates, no restrictions! Good Nationwide-all over the USA and Internationally at participating restaurants! BUY ONE TO KEEP IN OUR CAR***ONE FOR YOUR WALLET/PURSE***ANOTHER FOR YOUR KIDS TO USE***GREAT GIFT FOR FAMILY, FRIENDS OR NEIGHBORS***PERFECT FOR HIGH SCHOOL & COLLEGE STUDENTS***GREAT “THANK YOU” GIFT***GIVE TO EMPLOYEES***GREAT GIFT FOR ANYONE!!!!! 

Let’s face it-almost everyone buys food out a few times this week and everybody eats-no matter what the economy is like, people will still eat out! You might as well save money and get more for your dollar with this card. It will pay for itself many times over! 


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