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Product Name: Round red gray plastic double-sided tape
Material: rubber gray
Dimensions are: 60mm/50mm/40mm/30mm*0.8mm
Plastic surface color: red
Background color: gray
Packing list: 20 pieces
(1) Initial adhesion, balance bonding and long-lasting bonding
(2) Wide adaptability and better adhesion to most materials.
(3) Good aging resistance and good adhesion to the substrate:
(4) 3M glue, stable performance.
3M double-sided tape is widely used in computers, mobile phones, communications, home appliances, audio-visual equipment, automobiles, outdoor sports cameras and other products. Please refer to the following for the application and environmental requirements of the product.
1, non-woven double-sided adhesive viscosity and processing properties, generally long-term use temperature 70-80 degrees, short-term temperature 100-120 degrees, thickness 0.08-1.5MM, suitable for aluminum, plastic parts, automobiles, electrical appliances, mobile phones, Sponge assembly, rubber, labels, paper products, toys, etc., household appliances and electronic equipment. Display the lens.
2, non-substrate double-sided adhesive has excellent adhesion, prevent loss and excellent waterproof performance, good processing performance, good temperature resistance, short-term high temperature resistance 204-230 degrees, general long-term use temperature 120-145 degrees, Adhesive thickness 0.05-0.13MM, suitable for aluminum alloy panels, panels and finishes.
3, PET substrate double-sided adhesive, good temperature resistance, high shear strength, generally long-term temperature resistance of 100-125 degrees, short-term temperature of 150-200 degrees, thickness is generally 0.048-0.2MM, suitable for nameplate.
4, foamed substrate double-sided tape has soft, good adhesion, good initial viscosity and viscosity, solvent resistance and UV resistance, generally long-term use temperature of 80-93 degrees, short-term use temperature of 130-150 degrees, 0.4 -1.0MM adhesive thickness is suitable for air conditioning, office furniture and other communication products, can be used as a substitute for screws. Make the product more beautiful.

Photos List

3M 20pcs Round red gray plastic double-sided tape

3M 20pcs Round red gray plastic double-sided tape

3M 20pcs Round red gray plastic double-sided tape

3M 20pcs Round red gray plastic double-sided tape

3M 20pcs Round red gray plastic double-sided tape

3M 20pcs Round red gray plastic double-sided tape

3M 20pcs Round red gray plastic double-sided tape

Additional information

Model Number


Adhesive Tape Type

Double-Sided Tape

product type

Gray double-sided tape


Foam rubber



Scope of application

The office, all kinds of stainless steel, body.


High adhesion, strong durability,


Adhesive Tape

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    The order was made on 17.12.2019 received the order on 11.02.2020. The most important one got his order and that’s important. Thank the store for sending the order and neither other sellers who allegedly sent orders then extend the delivery time. On the account of the product I will tell so the product corresponds to the quality and price immediately hung the watch on the wall holds perfectly. Only one bad it is not tracked and so again thank the seller.

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    nice product does it job

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